The Arab African Council for Socio Economic Development

Regional Committees are Constantly Being Formed

Postings of Committee Structures and Mandates  to be published

Currently the Active Committees are:

Steering Committee on The African Asian Federation of Investors (AAFI) Initiative

Task force on COVID19 and Steering Committee for Africa

The Committee on Security and Development in Africa

The Steering Committee on the Libyan Peace Mission (AACSED-IIMSAM)

The Steering Committee for the First International Islamic Banking and Development Conference Maputo Mozambique 2013

The Steering Committee on the "Syrian Regional Coordination and Security Group" (SRCSG) Initiative and  the International Conference on the Regional Syrian Refugee Crisis and Donor Seminar Washington DC November 2013

The Committee on renewable energy in MENA - in cooperation with AREC   2012

The Committee on Projecto Novo Mozambique 

The Committee on Peace and Unity Governance in Mozambique 

The Committee on the International Islamic Banking and Development Conference Maputo, Mozambique (2017)

The High Committee on the Establishment of BDF Bank as a Continental Natural Resource Bank supporting African Development through New financial Instruments

The Steering Committee on Invest in Africa 2017 Intl Investment Conference and Exhibitors Summit - Cairo, Egypt

The High Committee on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Africa and the Middle East  - [A regional initiative, for  joint investigation and Law Enforcement Support, in cooperation with regional states authorities and international organizations]

The Steering Committee for the "International Conference on Combating  Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing - Cairo Egypt November -  2017" supporting the Cairo Declaration against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. 

The AACSED is  Incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK) - in London as  (LTD), Registration Number: 11128516, the AACSED does NOT ask for, or accept donations, of any kind and do not pay for any services or handle funds of any kind, as the directive is purely consultative and supportive for Socioeconomic Development in the Arab / African Region, it is NOT, an NGO  it functions as a consultative committee /council and its Chairman and Director is, an Egyptian National Citizen.

The AACSED is NOT an Egyptian Association, it is an INTERNATIONAL and REGIONAL Committee of Experts, a Council of Technical Experts from all over the world with a focus, on the Arab African Region.

Other locations of registration where required or, desired, are/were USA (2009 as part of New Africa Partnership Fund a non profit registered in the State of Georgia USA) and as AACSED by Name as well as having, Previously a representative office in Rome  as a committee formation only, connected to a joint stock holding company owned by the chairman via a corporate resolution dated 2009 this not being recorded in the companies commercial registry (SAE) as it was a committee designation only.