The Arab African Council for Socio Economic Development
Egypt at a Crossroads July 1, 2013

Today, Egypt is at a new crossroads and as a regional socioeconomic council the AACSED fully supports the idea of dialogue and solutions between the various parties to achieve stability and socioeconomic prosperity once again.

Egypt has for thousands of years been known for its Great Armed Forces whom are tasked with the protection of the state and the people in times of strife or instability and today the Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development fully support the positive role of the Armed Forces of Egypt and the other professional Security Services who are tasked with the protection of the State and the Great Egyptian People.

The AACSED hope that Egypt will enter a new phase of positive transition that are for the benefit of the Egyptian People and the Egyptian Sovereign State and we hope that geopolitical powers will respect the Sovereignty of Egypt and its political process and support positive transition and reject any form of divisiveness.

Egypt has the ability to move forward into a new phase of cooperation and political transition the the council today sends its support to all stakeholders who want the best for Egypt and its future as the Great Nation of the MENA Region.

May God Bless Egypt and its Future.

Dr. Mohamed Zayed, PhD - Chairman
Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development (AACSED)

The AACSED is  Incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK) - in London as  (LTD), Registration Number: 11128516, the AACSED does NOT ask for, or accept donations, of any kind and do not pay for any services or handle funds of any kind, as the directive is purely consultative and supportive for Socioeconomic Development in the Arab / African Region, it is NOT, an NGO  it functions as a consultative committee /council and its Chairman and Director is, an Egyptian National Citizen

The AACSED is NOT an Egyptian Association it is an INTERNATIONAL and REGIONAL Committee of Experts, as a Council of Technical Experts from all over the world with a focus, on the Arab African Region 

Other locations of registration where required or, desired, are/were USA (2009 as part of New Africa Partnership Fund a non profit registered in the State of Georgia USA) and as AACSED by Name as well as having, Previously a representative office in Rome  as a committee formation only, connected to a joint stock holding company owned by the chairman via a corporate resolution dated 2009 this not being recorded in the companies commercial registry (SAE) as it was a committee designation only