The Arab African Council for Socio Economic Development
Lobby for Draft UN Resolution on the Prohibition of  Sovereign (State) Support for Proxy Armies, Terrorist Groups, Takferi, Insurgents,  or other entities for geopolitical or other gain: [text below]

The United Nations prohibition against sovereign support for (proxy armies militant groups or insurgents)  Draft Resolution:

"Regional conflicts costing millions of lives and billions of dollars are in this past decade fueled by direct or indirect state (sovereign) financial, arms, training and political support, of militant proxy armies and insurgents, primarily implemented by the intelligence and Security services of various sovereign countries for their geopolitical aspirations" 

(Regime change / pushing back projections of opposing state influence in regions / carving out areas for Balkanization )

"The model for change, a paradigm shift in conflict engagement and resolution"

1. All militant groups are supported as mentioned above and could not survive more than a few weeks, without 'state support' directly, or indirectly, and the MENA region could be cured of conflict in less than a few months, as these groups (without their parent state support) would wither and disband.

It costs billions to support the operations of proxy groups for geopolitical purposes and without it, they disappear and therefore, while it remains illegal to fund or support terror groups, a blind eye is cast (when UNSC member states benefit, from their atrocities on the geopolitical stage )

2. United Nations prohibition against this long tolerated behavior of major member states in the form of enforceable sanctions and suspension of veto rights for a period of months for every infraction, will have teeth and skin in the game so to speak, facilitating better compliance and a special committee on enforcement connected to the ICC and would go a long way towards enforcement of decisions supported by at least 30% of member state for example would be binding on the infringing state or country, accepted by the UNSC as legitimate for enforcement of the prohibition against supporting proxy armies militants Takferi insurgent groups for geopolitical goals.

3. What can replace the policy of supporting these groups, that has become commonplace over this past decade ?

The answer is "Direct engagement", and resolution, between major geopolitical powers, rather than using proxies.

This will not, make the world a more dangerous place, because the direct engagement and conflict resolution between major states will "isolate and reduce the duration and loss of life across the world" and will be governed by rule of law and war rather than "Unchecked militant terrorist groups (moderate or otherwise)" who have laid waste to the MENA region in the past decade

(Author: Dr. Mohamed Zayed, PhD - Chairman 
Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development (AACSED ) UN Draft Resolution Lobby)

The AACSED is  Incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK) - in London as  (LTD), Registration Number: 11128516, the AACSED does NOT ask for, or accept donations, of any kind and do not pay for any services or handle funds of any kind, as the directive is purely consultative and supportive for Socioeconomic Development in the Arab / African Region, it is NOT, an NGO  it functions as a consultative committee /council and its Chairman and Director is, an Egyptian National Citizen

The AACSED is NOT an Egyptian Association it is an INTERNATIONAL and REGIONAL Committee of Experts, as a Council of Technical Experts from all over the world with a focus, on the Arab African Region 

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