“An Arab - African Regional Initiative, for Socioeconomic Development"

The Arab African region has experienced unprecedented Social and Economic effects, from the global financial crisis which began in western countries and spread across the world.    The Mandate of the Council is to take advice and resources from its member experts in Socioeconomic affairs and provide real solutions for policy makers, investors and business leaders to support their efforts to alleviate high unemployment, inflation, slow reform in the socioeconomic sphere and national security and stability,  through the development of modern strong economies, provide analysis on affairs, economic conditions, financial intelligence and other issues such as Financial and Military Aid and its effects on National Economies, their stability and national security,  where many sovereign governments are tied to extraordinarily large Aid Packages provided by only  one or two countries.

The Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development
is a multilateral  International Initiative which focus the finest professional minds and resources in a global, public / private partnerships within the  Arab /African Regions,  which has been shaken by the effects of a global financial collapse during the past years and now, widespread instability in the Region and beyond 

We are retired Ambassadors, Ministers, Global Business Leaders, Members of Royal Families and Notable International Community Elite Personalities, Famous Subject Matter Experts and Humanitarian Stakeholders from around the Globe

Headquarters:   Via  Cavour  44 00184     -    Rome, Italy    - 
Email: info@aacsed.org     Cairo Tel +201150249763